Free Seminars

2014 Free Boating Seminars

(We will be updating with the 2015 schedule in Nov)


Saturday and Sunday

12:00-1:00 pm    

APS Marine: “Confessions of a bilge pump – what really goes on in an engine room”

Speaker:  Rick Krug

The seminar will be given by our Dockside Yacht Repair Manager, Rick Krug. Rick has over 35 years experience in building and repairing yachts in San Diego. He has managed boat yards as well as built some of the finest yachts ever built in San Diego. Rick has written boat repair articles for Sea Magazine as well as the Log Newspaper and is a frequent speaker at yacht clubs and boat shows. Some of the subjects covered will be plumbing systems, bilge pumps, electrical systems, galvanic corrosion and engine maintenance. Rick will then open the floor for any questions that you might have about your boat.

APS is a Disabled Veteran Owned marine services company located in National City. Our employees are some of the finest marine technicians in the industry. Whether you need top quality stainless and aluminum welding, engine work or boat systems maintenance, APS Marine’s Dockside branch is a one stop shop.

APS provides services for the US Navy, Coast Guard, Port District and other government agencies. In 2014, the company will expand services to private boat owners. We look forward to talking to you at the boat show either at our booth (#253) in the main exhibit tent or at the seminar.


1:30-2:30 pm    

Electric Yachts: “Power Management for the Green Sailor”

Speaker:  Mike Gunning

This seminar will address ways to provide for and management power for the sailor who wishes to reduce their carbon footprint while expanding their sailing capabilities. Power will be analyzed from generation to management in the sailing environment

  • Power generation: Sailing, Solar, Wind Generation, Propulsion, Wave, Dockside, Fossil Fuel
  • Power storage: Technologies of batteries and capacitors and other power storage systems

Scott McMillian is the founder, President and Chief Technology Officer of Electric Yacht. He has designed, engineered, and sold 200 environmentally friendly and powerful electric propulsion systems for both sail and powerboats. He is an electrical engineer by formal training with many years experience in motor control design and application. Recent work includes applying the lessons learned while working with Nigel Calder and the Hymar project to improved hybrid power generation and propulsion systems.


3:00-4:00 pm

Point Loma Publishing / Mexico Boating Guide:  “MEXICO: Let’s Go Commuter Cruising”

Speaker: Pat Rains

Does your cruising kitty still need funding? Not ready to unplug 100% from your work in the US? Then try commuter cruising. Cruise your boat in Mexico on a part-time basis, travel back and forth whenever you need, so you gain the best of both worlds, for yourself and your family. Thousands of US boaters (sail and power) in Mexico are already happy commuter cruisers. It takes a little planning, yes, but it’s totally legal and simple. Here’s how.

  1. What’s the right boat for commuter cruising?
  2. Paperwork requirements to play in Mexico, or to work in Mexico.
  3. The 10 best ports to HQ your boat for commuter cruising.
  4. The 2 seasonal circuits for safety and convenience.
  5. Family schedules form the cruising itinerary.

Capt. Pat Rains, author of “Mexico Boating Guide,” has 15 years’ experience cruising Mexico and Central America, holds a 100-ton US Coast Guard skippers license. She writes for The Log Newspapers, SEA, Passage-Maker Magazine, Cruising World, Boating World, etc.