New Corsair Pulse 600: Be One of The First to Fly

Get Your Finger on the Pulse
The launch of the first exciting new Pulse 600 from Corsair Marine is imminent, marking the next generation of trimaran speed machines: reverse, wave-piercing bows, carbon-reinforced construction, full-volume floats (amas), and a curved traveler track for optimum sheeting angles. This is a tight little hot rod built to fly!

West Coast Multihulls is putting together a group of sailors to be the first to sail this exciting new trimaran. Sporty and fun, and coming in under $39,000, the new Pulse is sure to turn heads on the bay, and all of us at WCM are excited to debut Corsair’s latest pocket rocket.

The Plan:
Bring 4 or 5 Pulse 600s into San Diego for instant class racing and sailing fun on the bay. The Boat will be moored on individual floating docks or hydra hoists, staged and ready to sail at a moments notice. They will be cared for by WCM’s professional staff, with management and storage costs kept to a minimum.

The boats will be owned either individually, or in partnerships of like-minded sailors, who want to either sail together on a regular basis, in local One Design and PHRF racing events, race the boats regionally and on a national basis. The first Pulse 600 fleet will be right here in San Diego with plans to expand, with additional fleets at Long Beach, San Francisco and Seattle.

For those wanting to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting sailing in San Diego, there is a bonus. The first five boats will come with a 10% discount, and the first 6 months moorage at no cost. Additionally, this initial group will constitute Fleet 1 SoCal, and be instrumental in setting up the yearly calendar of events for the group.

For more information and pricing:
Pulse 600 page on the WCM site

Mat Bryant: 619.988.4748

Kurt Jerman: 619.571.3513