Greencorp Marine – innovative coating technology

With 40 years experience in the coatings industry, Greencorp has built a reputation as a leading specialist coatings manufacturer. This Australian company has an established track record of innovation and quality worldwide.

Greencorp Marine is exhibiting their PropGold coating system for propellers and underwater running gear for the first time at the 2015 San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show. This shiny, gold coloured foul release coating has proven has proven its underwater effectiveness worldwide and particularly in Southern California waters.

The PropGold system prevents marine growth strongly adhering to underwater components. Marine growth is easily dislodged once the boat is in motion resulting in boat owners enjoying increased speeds and lower fuel consumption.

“The effect of a slightly fouled propeller greatly decreases performance and increases fuel consumption. Applying PropGold keeps underwater running gear clean and maximises efficiency.” says Eli Green of Greencorp Marine.

“Greencorp Marine and Llewllyn Supply Company have established a network of accredited applicators who now have years of experience applying PropGold. Our applicators know that PropGold is the proven choice to keep underwater running gear clean and maximise efficiency.” says Eli Green of Greencorp Marine.

Greencorp Marine –

PropGold is proudly distributed in Southern California by Llewellyn Supply Company, call Jack Perich on (619) 850 3571 to discuss PropGold.