Suncoast Yachts has helped world cruisers for over 20 years and has 2 staffers Melissa and Michael Harlow (The Adventure Travelers) who just returned from crossing the Pacific Ocean and sailed through French Polynesia to Hawaii and back to San Diego. They purchased their blue water cruising boat, an Island Packet Yacht, at Suncoast Yachts. After returning home, Suncoast Yachts owners, Darrell and Leslie Allen, also the new owners of Island Packet Yachts, asked Michael and Melissa to share their epic story to all cruisers. This is their boat pictured here:

After sailing across the Pacific Ocean twice, they wanted to understand how their Island Packet was built. They just returned from visiting the Island Packet Yachts factory and created a mini documentary on How an Island Packet Yacht is built now available on YouTube:  Mini-Documentary Island Packet Yachts – we will be showing the documentary at the boat show.

Suncoast Yachts is an educational hub for anyone who wants to purchase a yacht, cruise to Mexico, the South Pacific or even the Panama Canal. The staff at Suncoast live and breathe the cruising life and are the real deal! 

Suncoast Yachts is also an authorized dealer for Island Packet, Blue Jacket and Seaward Yachts.

Seaward Yachts also has available a 2018 Retractable Keel and Rudder boat which allows the boat a range of a draft from 15″ to 6′ 

The website is: