ValvTect Products Solve Diesel Fuel and Gasoline Problems

BioGuard Plus 6 is a unique multi-functional biocide/diesel additive that is EPA registered and contains a micro-biocide to prevent bacteria plus six additional components that can double fuel filter life, stabilize diesel up to 2 years,  lubricate injectors and fuel pumps and clean-up injector deposits to improve power output and reduce fuel consumption…..all in one product.

bioguardThis one of a kind “multifunctional” biocide is the only product formulated to prevent bacteria as well as all other diesel fuel related problems. It eliminates the need to purchase and store multiple products such as a biocide, stabilizer, water dispersant, corrosion inhibitor and injector detergent. Best of all it significantly reduces the cost versus purchasing multiple products and assures the proper blend ratio and compatibility of each component.

Marine industry experts agree the best solution to prevent ethanol related problems, such as corrosion, fuel destabilization and phase separation, is to use an ethanol treatment such as ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment. It received a perfect “A” rating to prevent corrosion, can stabilize ethanol blended gasoline up to a year or more and help prevent phase separation.

Ethanol has been known to increase carbon deposits (gunk) in marine engines that operate at higher temperatures and burn up to 10 times the amount of fuel per hour than your car’s engine. They rob the engine of power and increase fuel consumption. ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment contains the petroleum industry’s most effective premium gasoline detergent that can clean-up carbon deposits from carburetors, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. Cleaning-up carbon deposits causes the engine to operate more efficiently, generate more power and use less fuel.

ValvTect BioGuard Plus 6 and Ethanol Gasoline Treatment are available in aftermarket containers at marine dealers nationwide or preblended  into fuel at the dock at over 600 Certified ValvTect Marinas.